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Sidgwick Site

Scope of works

To provide access to refurbish the building with temporary roof covering.

Scaffold General

Scaffold was an independent general purpose scaffolding with a safe working load of 2.0kN/m2. Arranged 4 + 2 Boards wide erected in approximately 2m high lifts. All lifts fully boarded with double handrails, toe boards and integral ladder access. Scaffold was designed due to the temporary roof.

External Scaffold

Scaffold erected to the perimeter of the building 85m long x 11m wide on plan Erected in 7no lifts up to the roof level all fully boarded working lifts for full access

Temporary Roofs

Full roof over the entire building 935m², formed of a pitched roof by adding an additional 2m high lift on the scaffold and using Aluminum beams to span over the roof and the scaffold to create the roof. The roof was covered in shrink wrap plastic sheeting to create a weatherproof enclosure that allows the light to penetrate. The sheeting will then continue down to the boarded platform at the roof level. Where the tower section it the roof was stepped up to go over the top of this section rather than making the whole roof the same height. [Sliding moveable roof]

Hoist & Tower

We erected a Hoist tower to access the roof level and support the 500kg goods hoist

Haki Staircase

Stair access to all lifts on one elevation

Scaffold remained in place for 40 weeks