Sisk - London Trocadero refurbishment project

“As appointed Project Manager with John Sisk & Son for the London Trocadero Hotel (Enabling Works), I can confirm that Globe Scaffolding had been appointed by the mutual client, Criterion Capital, prior to John Sisk & Son commencing on the above mentioned project. From John Sisk & Son’s appointment to the project in November 2014 through to January 2016, Globe Scaffolding had a continued attendance on site.

Globe Scaffolding had an active role within the site’s HSE systems which included daily look ahead briefings, weekly site supervisor meetings, weekly programme coordination meetings, daily safety tours & monthly John Sisk & Son director & supply chain tours. In addition, Globe Scaffolding maintained their own weekly inspections & biweekly safety officer site visits.

Globe Scaffolding assisted enormously in what was a challenging project. This included the submittal of suitable RAMS, identifying & carrying out specific training requirements, the quick turnaround in temporary work designs, material & labour, problem solving with regards to access & site logistics.

Globe Scaffolding erected large installations which included 2 temporary rolling roofs over a 40m metre high atrium, conveyor belt supports, Cantidecks & back propping to mobile cranes within live businesses.

Globe Scaffolding operatives were recognised by the John Sisk & Son team on a number of occasions & who were issued “Green cards” & awarded vouchers for safety leadership.

Personally, I would have no problem in recommending Andy Palmer & his team for future work with John Sisk & Son or any other contractor. Their safety culture was excellent & their willingness to engage & participate in a challenging project was excellent.”

Sisk – Fergus Beirne – Contracts Manager, John Sisk & Son Ltd